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    2. Search and Buy Airline Tickets with PayPal and PayPal Credit

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      Paying for flights made easier with paypal

      PayPal is the safer way to pay for any airline ticket from over 650 airlines, with Alternative Airlines

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      Purchasing flights with Alternative Airlines is easy and secure with PayPal

      Looking to pay for flights via PayPal? Alternative Airlines, a flight booking website, accepts PayPal and PayPal Credit to use for any airline ticket. Use the e-wallet to pay for a wide choice of flights by linking your bank accounts and cards to PayPal. Then checkout whilst keeping your financial information secure.

      To begin using PayPal to pay for flights, you can either sign in to your PayPal account or pay as a guest. Then all you need to do is a make a search by inputting your departure airport and your desired destination in the search bar above, choose flights from the wide range of airline and route results and select PayPal as your payment method at the checkout. You have the ability to use PayPal on any airline ticket, for example, on Air Panama, Loganair or even on American Airlines!

      The process of booking and paying for flights with PayPal makes flight reservations with Alternative Airlines easier than ever before! Read below to find out all information on how to pay for flights with PayPal, how to use PayPal and PayPal Credit and where to find PayPal voucher codes.

      Search for flights from over 650 airlines, with a choice to pay in 25 payment options in over 160 currencies!

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      Yes and found out why Alternative Airlines finds PayPal and PayPal Credit to be the best ways to pay for flight tickets

      • PayPal payments for flights are made easily with Alternative Airlines. The travel site accepts PayPal and PayPal Credit on domestic and international flights from over 650 airlines. You can use 26 different currencies for PayPal and 3 for PayPal Credit. Alternative Airlines a safe place to check out with PayPal. 

      • Buy any airline ticket with PayPal using just an e-mail address and password. Don't need to carry those plastic bank cards around! 

      • Choose to pay flights with PayPal now in one full transaction or be billed later with PayPal Credit. You can even split the payment between both PayPal and PayPal Credit using Split Payment. Handy to use for your travels!

      • Pay flights with PayPal with lots of PayPal promo coupons and voucher codes.

      • Use PayPal anywhere in the world with Alternative Airlines and find the flights you want. Check out the PayPal's 60 Seconds Interview with... Alternative Airlines!

      How to buy flights
      with PayPal

      Computer screen displaying Alternative Airlines' site


      Buying flights with PayPal is really simple! Follow our step by step guide and see how easy it is to pay for your flights with PayPal and PayPal Credit.

      STEP 1

      Enter your desired destinations, dates and the number of passengers flying into the Alternative Airlines search bar and click 'search flights'.

      Alternative Airlines search bar with flights to LAX entered

      STEP 2

      Select the flights that work best for you and click 'confirm selection'.

      Alternative Airlines flight search results

      STEP 3

      After you've entered your passenger details, scroll down to view the payment options available with Alternative Airlines. Select PayPal and PayPal Credit and scroll down to click "continue to payment." Or click "Pay in monthly instalments" and select PayPal Credit to pay back your flight ticket price in payments.

      Alternative Airlines payment page showing PayPal & Paypal Credit

      STEP 4

      Click 'secure payment' to continue with paying for your flights with PayPal and PayPal Credit. 

      Secure Payment Notice showing PayPal as selected payment type

      STEP 5

      A dedicated PayPal window will now appear asking for you to enter your PayPal account login details. Enter your PayPal password and email to login to your PayPal account to complete the Alternative Airlines payment.

      Paypal Login Window

      Finally, confirm payment to complete the transaction and have your e-tickets sent to you. You are now ready for your trip!

      Unsure about booking with Alternative Airlines? Why not read our 60 seconds PayPal interview! Or alternatively, check out the Alternative Airlines' customer reviews.

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      What is PayPal?

      PayPal is an e-wallet (electronic wallet) which allows people to send and receive payments online in a secure and cost-effective way. PayPal can be used by anyone with an e-mail, from either a computer or web-enabled smart phone and uses your existing credit or debit card, bank account or PayPal balance to pay for goods within seconds. PayPal is a safe, smart and convenient way to pay for purchases online. Find out why we love using PayPal to buy flights over on our 10 reasons to buy flights with PayPal blog.

      Is PayPal safe?

      Yes. PayPal uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to keep your information safe. It is also safe because when you send a payment using PayPal, the recipient won't receive sensitive financial information like your credit card or bank account details. This means you can make payments safe in the knowledge that your personal information is kept private. It is advised to keep your account password protected.

      It is safe to use PayPal to pay for different flights tickets, such as Finnair or Frontier Airlines, when booking with Alternative Airlines and is a secure and handy payment method to have when you are traveling. Using PayPal Credit too (which was Bill Me Later) to pay back in instalments is safe to use too. Find out how safe paying flights with PayPal and PayPal Credit through Alternative Airlines here.

      Why use PayPal?

      Using PayPal is a simple, convenient and secure way to buy purchases online. The reason for this is that each time you want to pay you only need to use an email address and password to set up an account, withdraw funds and make payments. So you don't need to worry about finding your bank cards or remembering complicated security questions. Other reasons to use PayPal are that you can also transfer money to friends and family easily through the PayPal app and store the funds you're using to pay for your flights with Alternative Airlines. You can also find out the benefits of using PayPal for flight travel. 

      How do I use PayPal?

      To begin using PayPal, you will need to either have an existing PayPal account and log in, or sign up to create one. Once you found flights you wish to purchase on Alternative Airlines website, proceed to the payment page where you will see the PayPal logo icon. When you select this, a dedicated PayPal window will open, allowing you to sign in to an existing account or create an account using your email address and a memorable password. Once you have created this account, then you can link it to your bank account and start making purchases such as flights.

      Whether you are using either a desktop or mobile, you will be able to use PayPal to see the funds available in your account, transfer money to friends and family or make instant purchases. Whenever you see a PayPal logo available at the point of transaction, you are able to use your account as a way of paying by just using your email address and password you used to create your account.

      You can login to PayPal at anytime and use it to buy flights with us. As a PayPal or PayPal Credit user, you will be able to go to 'My PayPal' where you can see your payment history.

      You may also choose to use PayPa split payments into two. This allows you to divide the cost of your airfare between two separate payment methods or between PayPal and PayPal Credit.

      How do I pay with PayPal?

      To pay with PayPal, first you will need to create a PayPal account by signing up to PayPal and linking to a payment type of your preferred choice. This can either be a credit or debit card, which includes American Express, Visa or MasterCard. Once this is set up, you are then ready to make purchases by selecting to check out with PayPal. This can include booking and paying for flights too.

      To book flights tickets for airlines such as Jetblue or American Airlines with PayPal, you can choose to pay through Alternative Airlines by selecting PayPal at checkout. You will be then directed through to a PayPal window where you need to log into your PayPal account that you signed up with. Here the price of your flight tickets will be displayed and once you have confirmed payment, you will be notified and it will show in your PayPal account that the transaction has been made. When paying with PayPal, you are able to continue paying for items with just your email address and the password used to create your account.

      Can I link my AMEX card to PayPal?

      Yes you can link your American Express (AMEX) card to your PayPal account. This allows you to make a purchase with PayPal, and the funds withdrawn from your AMEX card. PayPal also recently announced that American Express cardholders could collect AMEX reward points with PayPal purchases linked to an AMEX card. Make sure you have your AMEX card linked to your PayPal account before paying for your flights with PayPal and Alternative Airlines in order to start earning rewards.

      How long does a PayPal refund take?

      PayPal refunds for airline tickets are generally pretty quick, as it is instantly transferred back to your account. Depending on the dispute raised or the specific airline rules, you are able to get a PayPal refund quickly. In other events such as applying for a PayPal flight ticket refund for a death or last-minute air travel change, Alternative Airlines will be able to help you and advice on what to do next. See our refundable flights page page to find out how you can buy refundable flights with Alternative Airlines.

      If you are looking to get a PayPal Credit refund on your flight booking, you will be able to receive a refund, depending on Alternative Airlines' ticketing terms and conditions and the airline ticket you have reserved. Please allow 7-10 working days for the refund to appear in your PayPal Credit account. You can find more information on all PayPal Credit refunds here. Note that Alternative Airlines cannot provide advice for cancelling PayPal Credit.

      What cards can I use with a PayPal account?

      A wide range of credit and debit cards can be linked to a PayPal account. You can link UnionPay, Discover, Visa, American Express (AMEX) or MasterCard. Otherwise, you can link to your bank account to pull funds from that through PayPal purchases. You need to ensure you have verified your account to proceed with PayPal payments.

      How do I access my online PayPal account?

      You can access your PayPal account online at any time by going to the PayPal page, clicking on "Log In" and entering your email address and password. If you need to check a transaction on your PayPal account, it's easy to do by logging into your online PayPal account and checking your recent PayPal transactions. You can also see your available funds as well as your past transactions.

      How do I find my Alternative Airlines PayPal payment?

      If you are looking for your airline ticket PayPal payment that you made with Alternative Airlines, the first thing you need to do is login to your online PayPal account through either a desktop computer or on a smart-phone device with the PayPal app. Go to "transactions" in your PayPal account and your transaction will be under the name 'Alternative Airlines' alongside the quantity paid. If you are still having trouble trying to locate your Alternative Airlines PayPal transaction, you can contact the Alternative Airlines Customer Service number 01293 874 920 or contact us by email and we will be happy to help. You can also read through the Alternative Airlines Help Desk articles regarding your PayPal flight payments.

      Which Travel Agencies accept PayPal payments?

      Alternative Airlines is an online travel agency that accepts PayPal and PayPal Credit payments for flight tickets in either one full transaction or in monthly instalments. You can find different airline ticket prices, depending on the destination search you make and can include airlines like Hong Kong AirlinesAerolíneas Argentinas and Cebu Pacific, or even on flights for 4th July and Spring Break. PayPal payments can also be made on domestic flights around Indonesia, such as on airlines including Citilink and Garuda Indonesia

      Can I use money in my PayPal account to pay for flights?

      Yes you can use funds left in your PayPal account to book flights Alternative Airlines. You can search for a wide range of flights and pay using the money in your PayPal account. You can even combine PayPal with another payment method with the Split Payment option too if you have funds left over in your account. To do this, choose "Split Your Payment" icon at the checkout page and follow the steps on the page. Log in with your PayPal account details, choose the amount you want to withdraw from your PayPal account to pay for the flight ticket payments and then select another method of payment to pay the rest. This can be either a Visa, Mastercard or PayPal Credit. Find out all about Split Your Payment when buying flights with Alternative Airlines.

      Can I book a flight with PayPal?

      Yes. You can book any flight from over 650 airlines through Alternative Airlines and pay using PayPal and PayPal Credit payment options. Find a combination of flights from airlines such as Air Serbia, Jetblue or even on smaller carriers such as Air Seychelles or Porter Airlines. To book flights with PayPal, all you need to do is simply enter your desired destination in the search bar above, select from the range of flight results and then choose PayPal or PayPal Credit as your payment method at checkout. A PayPal window will then appear alongside your selected flights ready for payment. You can then easily pay with application and then your ticket confirmation will be sent to you. Other airlines you can use PayPal with include Wizz Air, Air TransatKulula airlines and even the Latvian airline airBaltic.

      How can I pay for flights with PayPal?

      To pay for flights with PayPal, first you will need to search and select the flights and price you require. Then once you have filled out your customer information, select PayPal as a payment option and follow the steps through the dedicated PayPal window. Here you will need to log in or Sign Up to a PayPal account. The total flight ticket amount will be displayed and you just have to confirm payment. You can use PayPal on airlines such as Copa Airlines, Ukraine International Airlines and Sprint Air. It is easy to buy flights with PayPal when booking with Alternative Airlines.

      Who accepts PayPal for flights?

      Alternative Airlines is a travel website that accepts PayPal as well as PayPal Credit for any flight from over 650 airlines. Paying flights with PayPal is quick and easy, especially when you are on the move and can be used on airlines including Aeroflot, Avianca and LATAM. Alternative Airlines also accepts PayPal Credit which allows you to pay for the cost of your air travel in monthly installments. If you are looking for a flight discount for flights, you can find many PayPal promo codes to use as well. Wondering how to use PayPal to pay for flights? All the information can be found at the top of the page.


      Do I have to pay for a PayPal account?

      No, you are not charged to open a PayPal account, it is completely free. It is also free to send money for personal payments and between friends and families, if there is no currency conversion involved. Once you have linked your bank cards to your PayPal account, you are ready to use PayPal to buy any airline ticket with Alternative Airlines. 

      Are PayPal accounts free?

      Yes. PayPal accounts are free. There's no fee to create a PayPal account and no fee when buying goods and services and this is including flights! The only information you need to provide in order to create a PayPal account is a valid email address, your full name and your phone number.

      How do PayPal payments work?

      PayPal payments work by instant transfer. This means that the money will appear in the recipient's account in seconds. If you need to send a transfer to a family or friend, you must have registered with PayPal and have debit or credit card linked to your PayPal account in order to access funds.

      PayPal Credit payments work in monthly instalments, where you make a repayment each month. For example, if you spend £150+, you can get 0% interest for 4 months on your flight purchase with Alternative Airlines (subject to change). You will be reminded of your due payment by SMS or email. See full information of PayPal Credit for UK account holders. 

      Add to your PayPal payment with a flight PayPal promo code and get a discounted flight to anywhere in the world.

      Can I make a PayPal payment if there is no money in my account?

      Yes, you can still make a PayPal payment if you don't have enough money in your account to cover the transaction. The remainder will be pulled through the debit or credit card that is linked to your PayPal account. Also, if you have created a PayPal account but don't have any bank account linked to it, then the funds will be pulled from your bank account and you have used PayPal as an intermediary. Which is great when you don't have your bank cards with you. Make sure you remember your email address and password used to create the PayPal account in order to use PayPal.

      For any remaining funds in you PayPal account you want to use for a flight reservation, try using Split Payment. Use any leftover PayPal funds with another payment method at the same time to pay for your booking. 

      What currencies does PayPal accept?

      PayPal accepts 26 currencies from across the world. Here is a list of currencies that PayPal supports and can be used with Alternative Airlines:

      • Australian Dollars (AUD $)
      • Brazilian Real (BRL)
      • Canadian Dollars (CAD $)
      • Swiss Francs (CHF)
      • Czech Koruna (CZK)
      • Danish Krone (DKK)
      • Euros (EUR €)
      • Great British Pound Sterling (GBP £)
      • Hong Kong Dollars (HKD $)
      • Hungariant Forint (HUF)
      • Israeli Shekels (ILS)
      • Japanese Yen (JPY ¥)
      • Malaysian Ringgit (MYR RM)
      • Mexican Peso (MXN)
      • Norwegian Krone (NOK)
      • New Zealand Dollars (NZD)
      • Philippine Peso (PHP)
      • Polish Zloty (PLN)
      • Swedish Krone (SEK)
      • Singapore Dollars (SGD $)
      • Thai Baht (THB)
      • Taiwan New Dollar (TWD $)
      • United States Dollars (USD $).


       PayPal Credit option only accepts USD, GBP and Euros (only in Germany).

      Does PayPal accept New Zealand Dollars?

      Yes, PayPal accepts New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and 25 other currencies to pay with. Other global currencies that can be used with PayPal include Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars and Korean Won. With Alternative Airlines, you can easily buy flights with currencies that PayPal accept. So you can buy flights with Air New ZealandAir Tahiti Nui and pay with NZD. Please note that PayPal Credit only accepts USD, GBP and EUR (Germany only).

      What credit and debit cards can I use with PayPal?

      You can use a MasterCard, American Express, UnionPay, Discover or a Visa credit card to link to your PayPal account. If you prefer to use a debit card, you can link this that displays either the MasterCard or Visa logo. It's simple to link a card to your PayPal account. First you click on "Wallet" at the top of your PayPal account and then click "Link a card". Then you need to fill in your details by following the instructions shown on the screen. Once a card of your choice has been connected to your PayPal account you are then ready to book flights such as United Airlines or American Airlines through Alternative Airlines.

      Can I use PayPal in different countries?

      PayPal can only be used in specific countries and in 26 currencies. You can use it to buy flights in countries including Philippines, China, the U.S and many more. Therefore, when you move to another country you may have to change your PayPal account details with the new phone number, address and bank accounts of that location. Even if you are in a different location, you can pay in the currency that works for you for any airline such as Icelandair, Delta and many more. This is a great way to conintue paying for your vacation, whether you're about to fly or in the middle of your travels. Note, there may be a currency conversion fee applied if you are making oversea transactions

      U.S PayPal users are able to add their US bank account to a foreign PayPal account. Find full information on using PayPal in different countries. If you have bought airline tickets using PayPal or PayPal Credit with Alternative Airlines and have travelled or are traveling, you can still access your PayPal account and make transactions, but these will normally take place in your home currency. 

      How can I make a PayPal flight payment if I don't have money in my account?

      You can still make a PayPal payment for flights if there aren't any funds in your PayPal account. You need to do is make sure that your bank card accounts (either debit or credit) are linked to your PayPal account and once you confirm payment, funds will be pulled through from your the bank accounts. We find this a great method too if you are on the road off traveling around and you don't lose or don't have your bank card with you, then all you need to is remember your email address and password that you used for your PayPal account.

      If you have funds left over in your PayPal account which you want to use, you can split the payment into two for your flight ticket, by using your leftover funds and a Visa card or debit card. Or you can share the cost with a friend or family.

      What are PayPal limits?

      Some PayPal accounts have limits in withdrawing, sending and receiving money. This can be due to European or regional laws. You have to ensure your PayPal account is "Verified" before you can apply to use PayPal Credit as an unverified account will vary in the limit amount. Find all information on PayPal limits on your PayPal account. This can be found by going to Settings once you have logged into your PayPal account.

      Why do I have PayPal limits on my account?

      There are many reasons why there are PayPal limits on your account. This may be down to your bank account not being verified with your PayPal account, European laws or regional laws or many other reasons. But don't worry, read why your PayPal account has limits on it. You can also find out how to use PayPal in general with Alternative Airlines at the top of this page and where to sign up for a PayPal account.

      What are the fee charges for using PayPal?

      There are no charges for UK customers using PayPal to buy flights, however you can find out all information on fee charges in all other countries. US customers may be subject to a PayPal transaction charge when paying for flights via Alternative Airlines. If you are using your account in another country, such as China or the Philippines, there may also be a currency conversion fee applied if you are making oversea transactions.

      What is PayPal Credit?

      PayPal Credit is a service provided by PayPal where you able to spread the cost of purchases and pay in instalments. It is like a virtual credit card where you have a credit limit linked to your PayPal account. It is also known as PayPal's installment plan and the application is quick and can be approved at the point of transaction. You can use PayPal Credit online to pay for a wide range of airline tickets with Alternative Airlines by choosing the flights suited to you and once you are at checkout, select PayPal Credit and a soft credit check will be made in a matter of seconds.

      If you are looking to use Bill Me Later for your next vacation, it was rebranded to PayPal Credit in 2012 and is still a safe and user-friendly instalment payment method. It can be accessed via your PayPal account and you can check your monthly statements online, view your balance, and manage your PayPal Credit payments. It doesn't take long to apply for and you can find further PayPal Credit information if you need to.

      How do I apply for PayPal Credit?

      You can apply for PayPal Credit if you are an existing PayPal user by using your current account login or sign up to begin spreading the cost of flights. You will then need to complete a short application and PayPal will let you know straightaway whether you are eligible to buy your flights and other purchases with PayPal Credit. You can do this before you book your flight or when you select your payment method at the Alternative Airlines' checkout. You can find all other information on PayPal Credit refunds and cancelling your account here.

      Can I use my existing PayPal account for PayPal Credit?

      You can still log in into your existing PayPal account at the checkout page and select to apply for PayPal Credit. The credit limit will be linked to your existing PayPal account so all you need is use the same email address and password that you use for your current account. Once you have submitted your application to pay with PayPal Credit, a soft credit check will be carried out and you will get a response seconds later stating the amount you need to pay off in installments. You can find out more information on using PayPal Credit.

      How do I pay back my PayPal Credit payments?

      If you are wanting to pay back your PayPal Credit payments, this can be easily done through your existing account. First you need to log in to account and go to your 'Wallet' and then click 'PayPal Credit'. Here you have to select 'Make a Payment' and then choose to pay with either a Direct Debit or a single payment. There are no charges for paying back due PayPal Credit payments, however, late payments may be charged. Also interest charges may apply depending on the monthly instalment plan you choose. It is what the Bill Me Later service used to be where you are billed later and you can pay back the payments in instalments.

      Can I book flights with PayPal Credit?

      Yes, you can pay for any flight ticket or combination of flights on the Alternative Airlines travel website using PayPal Credit, for over 650 airlines. Both PayPal and PayPal Credit is accepted to book flights and can be paid back in monthly installments. So you can choose to travel on either domestic or international flights and spread the cost of the ticket price. Airlines that you can use PayPal Credit for include Allegiant Air, Frontier, Alaska Airlines (used to be Virgin America) and more. PayPal Credit was orginally BillMeLater but still allows payments to be spread over time in US Dollars, British Pounds and Euros (Germany only). UK users can even pay for flight tickets from £99.00 with 0% interest over 4 months, plus £20 off with a promo code! If you need to know how to use PayPal Credit for buying airline tickets, find all information on PayPal Credit FAQs.

      How do I use PayPal Credit for flights?

      To begin using PayPal Credit, you first need to sign up to a PayPal account or use an existing PayPal account to apply and you will then find out how much you are able to pay back each month. If successful, you will be able to easily check your monthly payments due for your flight tickets through the PayPal app or online. There are also other flight payment plans offered to pay for tickets in installments, if you prefer to use an alternative to PayPal Credit. View all information on how to use PayPal Credit here. PayPal Credit can be used to pay flights tickets back in instalments, on InterjetBrussel Airlines or any airline ticket offered through Alternative Airlines as well as Hawaiian Airlines and Philippine Airlines flights.

      Can I use PayPal Credit for travel?

      Yes. Alternative Airlines is a travel website that accepts PayPal Credit for travel-related needs including airline tickets on over 650 airlines. To find out whether PayPal Credit is available to you, search and select your flights and click the "PayPal and PayPal Credit" button at checkout as the payment method. Once you are redirected to the PayPal website, login and you can submit an application and a decision is made quickly. Make sure to search for flights in either GBP or USD as these are the only currencies accepted for PayPal Credit.

      Why was I declined to pay for flights with PayPal Credit?

      If your application for paying for your flights with PayPal Credit was unsuccessful, you will receive an email from PayPal stating why your application was unsuccessful. You can still pay for your flight tickets with PayPal at the checkout with either your credit or debit card. If you are still worried about this, you can contact PayPal's help center for more information on why your PayPal Credit application for flight ticket purchases was declined.

      Can I buy flights online and be billed later?

      Yes, the online flight search Alternative Airlines allows you to buy flights now and be billed later every month using PayPal Credit. If you are using PayPal already, just login to your existing account or sign up to PayPal and then apply to PayPal Credit. You can see all other available options to buy flights on finance when booking flights with Alternative Airlines. These include using Fly Now Pay Later or Klarna if you are a UK resident, Affirm if you are based in the U.S or PayBright for Canadian customers. With these alternatives, customers are able to take out a loan for air travel and pay back in monthly instalments.

      What is Bill Me Later?

      Bill Me Later was a separate PayPal service where customers had flexibility in purchase payments and now it is known as PayPal Credit, which offers the exact same service. The term "bill-me order" is making and recieving an order but being billed for it at a later date. PayPal took over Bill Me Later back in 2012 and if you are searching for the website (www.billmelater.com), you will be redirected to the PayPal website. 

      External image of airplane wing with sun


      What travel sites use bill me later?

      Alternative Airlines is a travel website that accepts the bill me later concept for flights by offering PayPal Credit for customers. This can be used on airlines such as American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and more. All you have to do is make a flight search via www.kult4.com, insert your departure airport and the deisred destination you wish to fly to. Then select the flights that are suited to you and choose PayPal and PayPal credit to begin the billing later process. There are alternatives to the PayPal Credit payment plan which can be found here. If you are unsure of who Alternative Airlines is, you can read all information about the flight booking website and also read how trustworthy it is.

      Can I use Bill Me Later for flights?

      If you want to use Bill Me Later for flights, you can still enjoy all the financing benefits of buying now and paying over time with PayPal Credit at the point of transaction, when booking through Alternative Airlines. The finance service Bill Me Later and has been rebranded to PayPal Credit so you are still able to buy airline tickets now at checkout and pay later with Alternative Airlines in the exactly same way! For example, you can you apply the 'bill me later' concept on Delta flights, Caribbean AirlinesVirgin Atlantic, Spirit Airlines and more by choosing to pay with PayPal Credit at the checkout. Then complete the application and you will be billed in monthly instalments. Depending on the price of your flights, you will be informed of when to pay back your flight payments. Other billing services also include Fly Now Pay Later (for UK customers), PayPal Credit or Affirm (US customers) at the payment checkout. 

      Can I travel using PayPal?

      Absolutely! PayPal is accesible to use when you are travelling. Imagine you are in a location or remote destination where you cannot access your online banking, all you need to do is select PayPal at checkout and remember your e-mail address and password. It can be used to book air travel on airlines such as Air Canada and over 650 more whilst you are on the go, just make sure you have an internet or mobile data connection to access your account if it is required. This is a benefit for being able to pay for flights easily and securely, if you are unable to access your bank cards. 

      Where can I fly to using PayPal?

      You can fly to lots of destinations around the world with PayPal and Alternative Airlines. The online flight search accepts PayPal for any domestic or international flight reservation as we know that is can be difficult to sometimes find safe and legit travel websites to use so it is a convenient and secure way to pay for your travel arrangements. As long as you are paying in a supported currency (see the list above), you can pay for any flight found on the travel site to any destination. Some of our popular destinations include Amsterdam, Denver, Florida, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, London, Miami, New York, Paris, Puerto Rico, Singapore and Sydney and you can fly on airlines that include Frontier, Virgin and Delta. You can read all the reasons for using PayPal for traveling.

      Can I pay for my vacation with PayPal?

      PayPal payment options can be used through the flight search Alternative Airlines to pay for your vacation. It is a safe and secure way to pay for your air travel. For any vacation, business trip or getaway, you can buy tickets on airlines that include American Airlines, Tigerair or Tigerair Australia using PayPal through Alternative Airlines online. You can also use PayPal Credit to spread the cost of your air travel for your next vacation. There are PayPal flight discount codes to use on any airline which is a great added benefit for your vacation too! Read the cheapest countries to visit in Europe blog or Safari destinations if you are looking for inspiration for your next vacation.

      How to use PayPal for air travel

      To be able to use PayPal and PayPal Credit for flight travel with Alternative Airlines, first search and choose the flights that suit you and your travel plans. Then when you have filled out your passenger details, select "PayPal and PayPal Credit" icon at the checkout page. A separate window will open which is a dedicated PayPal window and here you are asked to sign in with your PayPal login. If you don't have a PayPal account, don't worry, you can register and all you need is a billing address, phone number and link to a debit or credit card. When you see the tickets you have selected with the Alternative Airlines as your merchant, then all you need to do is confirm the payment and your e-tickets will be confirmed and sent to you. You can then access your PayPal account at any time and there are tips within to help you find out how to use PayPal the best way possible.

      Make sure to link your bank account to a PayPal account by selecting "Bank and Cards" under Settings and there you can add your preferred bank payment. 

      What are the benefits of paying for flights with PayPal?

      There are many benefits of paying for flights and making reservations with PayPal. One of the benefits is that you can do it quickly on either your mobile or desktop computer. Another is that if you are a remote where access to your online banking is limited, you just need to remember your e-mail address and the password that you used to sign up to PayPal with and pay at the point of transaction. There are also available PayPal deals and promo codes offered by Alternative Airlines on airlines such as Robin Hood Aviation, FastJet and BH Airlines to save money on your flight reservations, which are other reasons to use the e-wallet for flights. You can read on all the benefits and reasons for buying flights with PayPal.

      Paying for flights with PayPal also means that you'll get your money refunded quicker in the event of a death of a relative or a friend, or if you need to fly home for a funeral

      Can I use PayPal in Thailand?

      Yes PayPal is available to use in Thailand and also with Thai Baht currency as well. If you are traveling around Thailand and surrounding countries, you also can pay for airlines based in or flying to or aroung Thailand with PayPal when booking your plane tickets with Alternative Airlines. Example airline tickets include Thai Airways flight tickets, Orient Thai AirwaysThai AirAsia and AirAsia. Other countries where you can use PayPal include Philippines, China and Canada in their own currencies.

      What travel website accepts PayPal and PayPal Credit?

      The travel website Alternative Airlines is one of the only places that both accepts PayPal and PayPal Credit to book flights, for over 650 airlines. These can include airlines such as Delta, Turkish AirlinesTAROM and more. Checking out with PayPal Credit means flights can be paid back in monthly payments. We know that this is a safe and secure way to pay for many of our travelers and want to make sure that they feel comfortable when reserving their flights if they are on the move or have little access to internet. You can find out how safe it is to use Alternative Airlines here.

      Which airlines accept PayPal and PayPal Credit?

      The online travel agency Alternative Airlines accepts both PayPal and PayPal Credit for over 650 airlines, to pay for your flight selection. This includes airline tickets with American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Spirit Airlines and United Airlines. So you can choose to fly on either international or domestic flights and pay easily with PayPal and PayPal Credit. Other airlines that these payment methods are accepted on include flights to Greece or the Mediterranean, with airlines such as Aegean Airlines, Air Europa and Asiana Airlines.

      Other airlines that you can use PayPal for include American EagleTUI FlyBlue Bird Airways, Wingo, Bulgaria Air as well as many other airlines around the world, through Alternative Airlines.

      Make sure to select a currency that can be used with PayPal and PayPal Credit when you are making your flight booking. Find out all the information on how to use PayPal Credit for buying airline tickets here.

      Can PayPal be used internationally?

      PayPal is available internationally in over 200 countries/regions including countries such as the Philippines, Brazil and Zambia through a desktop computer or via the PayPal app. So, if you are travelling on the go and don’t have your payment card to hand, you can use PayPal to buy your flights with Alternative Airlines. Just make sure that you link your debit card, credit card and bank account to PayPal and start making safe, convenient payments right away. In addition, PayPal can be used with over 25 different currencies.

      Can I use PayPal for easyJet flights?

      Yes, you can pay for easyJet flights using PayPal. Simply search for your flights using the Alternative Airlines search bar and use the filters on the left to select easyJet flights. Once you have entered your details and any promo codes you may have, just select PayPal or PayPal Credit at the checkout and proceed as normal to pay for your easyJet flights.

      easyJet is one of Europe's best-known low-cost airlines, who fly to many destinations across Europe and further afield such as Barcelona, Greece and Lisbon!

      Can I use PayPal on Norwegian Air?

      Yes, with Alternative Airlines you can select PayPal or PayPal Credit once you have selected Norwegian Air flights. You can also use one of our PayPal flight promo codes, to get your Norwegian flights even cheaper when choosing to pay with PayPal. Norwegian is just one of the many airlines you can choose to pay with PayPal, with others including China Airlines, Air Mauritius and SAS Scandinavian Airlines.

      Does Southwest Airlines accept PayPal?

      PayPal and PayPal Credit are both accepted forms of payment for Southwest Airlines when using Alternative Airlines. Simply select your flights using the search bar at the top of the page, and select PayPal or PayPal Credit on the checkout page to open the PayPal payment window. If you wish to pay with PayPal Credit, you have the option to pay back the airline tickets later in instalments.

      You can also you use flight promo codes are available too through Alternative Airlines to get discounted Southwest flights. If you are unsure about using Alternative Airlines, you can read all about the flight booking website and it's legitimacy.

      Does Jet Airways accept PayPal to buy airline tickets?

      Yes, you can use PayPal for Jet Airways tickets with Alternative Airlines. Our online flight search accepts PayPal and PayPal Credit as payment for Jet Airways flights and over 650 other airlines. You can also collect JetPrivilege points when buying your Jet Airways tickets with PayPal, just make sure to add your Frequent Flyer Number during the booking process.

      Does Delta accept PayPal?

      Delta airline tickets can be paid with both PayPal and PayPal Credit through Alternative Airlines. This can be applied to both international or domestic Delta flights. PayPal is also accepted on over 650 other airlines that can be found on the website. It's a simple way to pay and your Delta ticket confirmation will be sent directly from Alternative Airlines.

      Can I get PayPal travel deals?

      There are PayPal and PayPal Credit discount deals available for air travel on over 650 airlines, with Alternative Airlines. You can view them all in either USD or GBP here. Airlines include Aer Lingus, Lufthansa and Swiss International Airlines and many more.

      Can I use a PayPal discount code for flights?

      Yes. Alternative Airlines provides many flight promo coupons to use with PayPal on different airlines including American Airlines, Spirit and Allegiant Air. With the various airlines displayed in the search results, you can pay with PayPal and PayPal Credit and apply the Alternative Airlines' discount codes at checkout. These can be used on one airline or a combination of flights, in USD and GBP Sterling. Just look through all the available discount codes and make sure that the one you use is for the same currency that you are buying your flights with (eg. a $20 off PayPal promo code will only work on flights bought in US dollars). Once applied, you will see the discount deducted to the ticket price at checkout.

      The PayPal coupons are offered in different currencies at various times of year, so be sure to keep checking back for the best deals! 

      Can I collect air miles with PayPal?

      Yes. Air miles can be collected when using PayPal with Alternative Airlines. So you can buy any airline ticket with PayPal via www.kult4.com and you don't have to miss out on those precious frequent flyer points. This is a great benefit to build up air miles whilst on the road. If you are unsure about collecting air miles when buying flights online, you can check out our Airline Alliances page or the best Frequent Flyer program from the Alternative Airlines blog.

      How do you collect air miles using PayPal?

      When you are ready to make your ticket purchase and have arrived at the checkout page, first ensure your cards are linked to your PayPal account to enjoy the benefits of both PayPal and your chosen loyalty program. Then all you have to do is enter your dedicated flyer number in the the "Frequent Flyer" box before you make your reservation. It’s as simple as that! This can also apply to paying with PayPal Credit. You can visit our page on how to book frequent flyer flights for more information.

      Which rewards programs allow you to collect miles using PayPal?

      If you’ve got a credit card linked to your airline loyalty scheme that is also linked to your PayPal account, you should be able to collect points with any frequent flyer program or their alliance partners when booking with Alternative Airlines. Read the full blog guide of the best Frequent Flyer programs.

      Can I collect Delta SkyMiles with PayPal?

      You can buy Delta flights with PayPal and collect SkyMiles too when booking through the flight search website Alternative Airlines. You can also combine your Delta SkyMiles Credit Card with your PayPal account to feel the benefits of collecting more air miles. Delta is part of Skyteam Alliance, allowing you to use your PayPal account to collect air miles with all SkyTeam partners. If you want to pay with PayPal and be able to collect air miles too, check out the Frequent Flyer guide blog and see what is suitable for you!

      Can I collect AAdvantage points with PayPal?

      AAdvantage points can be collected when buying American Airlines flights with PayPal and Alternative Airlines. Just make sure you upload your AMEX card details to PayPal, or any other card associated with your AAdvantage account and get all the rewards you’re entitled to. As American Airlines is part of Star Alliance, you can use your PayPal account to collect air miles with any Star Alliance member.

      Alternatives to PayPal and PayPal Credit

      If you are looking for an alternative e-wallet that isn't PayPal, Alternative Airlines provides great alternative options such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Neteller and Alipay. If you are looking for alternatives to PayPal Credit to allow you to spread the cost of flights over time, we offer many finance options including Affirm and Klarna. You can also check out all the ways to pay with Alternative Airlines, and also find out why it is safe to use Alternative Airlines.

      I have more questions about paying my flight tickets with PayPal, who do I ask?

      You can contact Alternative Airlines Customer Service about using PayPal for flights or how to use PayPal on 0044 1293 874 920 or via our other contact methods. More information can be found on the Alternative Airlines' help desk articles about paying for flights with PayPal.

      We love that you love PayPal



      Alternative Airlines is an online travel agency that specialises in finding you flights on small and large airlines, from remote destinations to the well-known. You can pay with PayPal in 26 currencies or use PayPal Credit to pay for all your flight bookings and is supported by a team of expert travel specialists for help and advice on your travel plans.

      why use alternative airlines travel person in middle on laptop currencies to choose from

      Alternative Airlines does not direct you to other websites or service providers and all your travel arrangements and payments are handled, complete with ticketed confirmation. There are 160 currencies to choose from and 25+ payment options to pay with to help customers all over the world. Check out our reviews on Feefo or our reviews page. If you would like to know a little bit more about us, read our blog for our alternative travel secrets and stories.

      Alternative Airlines Announces PayPal and PayPal Credit as Additional Payment Methods for Booking Flights

      Alternative Airlines, the specialist online travel agent in booking lesser known airlines, is delighted to announce it accepts PayPal on all flight purchases, making it easy and safe to book online for its customers. PayPal is one of the leading forms of online payment, with more than 169 million accounts worldwide.

      PayPal's popularity among Alternative Airlines' internet-savvy customer base is already apparent. Commercial Manager Sam Argyle, stated, "At Alternative Airlines, we are always trying to make flight bookings easier for our customers. PayPal enables any individual or business with an email address securely, easily and quickly to send and receive payments online. PayPal also enables global ecommerce as consumers can purchase goods with PayPal in 190 markets and 26 currencies around the world."

      Why is PayPal popular you ask? Making PayPal payments today are becoming increasingly popular because it is a secure way when people are on the go. In the travel world, paying flights with PayPal or using PayPal Credit as a pay later scheme is great to use. We find it the best way to buy airline tickets because it is a fast, secure and convenient way to pay. We also offer PayPal coupon codes and flight promo codes to get discounted flights when you pay with PayPal. You can read how safe it is to buy flights with Alternative Airlines here.

      In 2019, Alternative Airlines collaborated with Braintree, a PayPal service, to provide a smoother flight booking experience.

      Legal Statement

      PayPal Credit using USD (U.S PayPal account owners only): For new account holders, variable APR 26.24% as of 3/1/2019. See full terms and conditions on using PayPal Credit. Subject to credit check and approval. Limitations apply.