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      Group bookings

      Group travel form


      How to book group travel with Alternative Airlines

      1. Fill in our Group Travel Request Form.

      2. We’ll process your booking to the airline and send you a quote.

      3. If you’re happy with the quote and the details of the flight, we’ll go ahead and process the booking.

      4. Pack your things! It’s that easy. You’ve made a group booking with Alternative Airlines.

      Group travel doesn’t have to be complicated

      Alternative Airlines group booking process will get you and your travel companions from A to B simply, safely, and securely. If you’re booking flights for 10 or more passengers, all you need to do is fill in our group booking request form and we will be in contact as soon as possible. Let us do the hard work for you and help you choose the best flight option for you and your group.

      Make a group booking without filling out our request form

      If you’re looking to make a group booking for a group between 10-18 people, you don’t have to fill out our request form. Simply make two separate bookings for the same flight with the same email address and we’ll automatically process it as a group booking. Follow our step by step guide on how to do so:

      Step 1

      In this example, we’re making a group booking for 12 people. To start, you’ll need to make a booking for the first half of your group. Input the route you want to fly on and select six passengers (half the number of passengers in your group booking).

      Group Bookings Step 1

      Step 2

      Select your flights.

      Group Bookings Step 2

      Step 3

      Input the details of the first half of passengers in your group booking.

      Group Bookings Step 3

      Step 4

      Enter your contact information. You must use the same contact information for both halves of the booking.

      Group Bookings Step 4

      Step 5

      Select your payment type. Continue to payment and complete the booking.

      Group Bookings Step 5

      Step 6

      Repeat the process for the remaining six passengers in your group booking, making sure you select the same flight and use the same contact information that you used in STEP 4.

      Group Bookings Step 6

      Please be aware

      Although it’s highly unlikely, when making a group booking through two separate bookings, Alternative Airlines can’t guarantee that the plane will have the capacity for the passengers in the second booking after the first booking is made. We also can’t guarantee that the fare of the second booking will be the same as the first.

      Group Booking FAQs

      What kinds of group travel can you organise?

      Whether you’re trying to arrange flights for a family party, a corporate event or a sports tour, we can help you get to where you need to go. Alternative Airlines specialises in selling tickets you won’t find on other flights searches, so if your party is heading somewhere off-the-beaten-track, we can find you the best flights for your group at the cheapest price.

      What are the benefits of booking as a group?

      When you make a flight reservation as a group, Alternative Airlines can offer you special perks. Here’s a list of some of the perks you can benefit from when you book group flights:

      You can change the names on the tickets in your group, free of charge, before tickets are issued

      Depending on the airline that you fly on, you won’t have to pay for you flight straight away. Some airlines allow for you to pay for your group booking just weeks before your departure or only require a small deposit at the time of booking.

      We'll always try to seat your group members together.

      Our excellent customer service team will be available to assist you every step of the way.

      When you make a group booking, you have the option to add an additional passenger to your group booking for the same price you paid when you originally made the booking.

      How many people do you need to make a group reservation?

      At alternativeairlines.com, you can book flights for up to nine people on our website. If you have any questions about this process, we’re available 8am-8pm GMT every day of the week to answer any queries you may have and provide you with expert advice. Here’s our contact information.

      For bookings of 10 or more, fill in the form and we’ll get back to you with a quote. There’s no maximum number of passengers you can include in one single group booking, which means you can travel with your whole party together.

      Are group flights more expensive?

      Group flights can be more expensive, but they can also be cheaper, it’ll depend on the airline that you book with. There are lots of other perks when you make a group booking with Alternative Airlines. Did you know that if the ticket hasn’t already been issued you can change the passenger name on the ticket free of charge?

      Do I get a discount when booking flights for a group?

      We are unable to guarantee discounts for group reservations, as it will depend on the individual booking made. However, there are many other perks you can enjoy when making a group booking. For example, when you make a group booking with Alternative Airlines, you’re much more likely to have you group seated together.

      Do you book group travel on low cost airlines?

      Yes. Alternative Airlines book group travel on all types of airlines, including low cost airlines.

      Can you organise chartering a private flight?

      Yes. We can organise a chartering private flight. If you’re looking to book a private charter flight, or your group booking consists of 30 or more passengers, please give us a call. Contact information can be found here.

      Can you organise group travel in Premium or Business class?

      Yes. We can organise group travel for all classes of service, including premium and business class. When filling out the form for your group booking, select your preferred class. You can choose from economy, premium economy, business and first class.

      Do children still get special rates when travelling with a group?

      Some airlines still offer special child rates when flying as group, while others don’t, it depends on the airline. However, if you make a group booking and you want to add an additional passenger to the booking afterwards, you can do so at the price you originally paid when making the booking.